Like My Hero


We are like my hero (LMH) from Lhokseumawe. the personnel consists of: Opi Oridiza (Bass / Vocals), Bibuliqbal (Lead Guitar), Wahyu Rezky (Rhytem Guitar), Paris Ufo (Drummer).We formed in 2010. Initial formation of this band at our school there is a piece of music. We formed the groups by the teacher. each group should create / arrangements of any song to be displayed, and then said our friends a good song. then one of our personnel Oridiza Opi (Bass / Vocals) invites to become a band, but by then personnel only Opi (bass / vocals) and Wahyu (Rythem Guitar). They are looking for lead guitarist and drummer to be a stable personnel. At that time found Bibul (lead guitar) and Kurniawan (Drummer). then we re-arrangements of our songs into pop punk genre to get to the recording studio. but, as we were about to record Kurniawan (drummer) was unable to record, then we look for another drummer to replace Kurniawan. Then we have a friend whose name is Said Ali Ridha / Abib (Drummer) is also often invite us to play with our previous band, coincidentally the same genre that he played with our band genre. Then we use him as our first record. Then Kurniawan often can not be present in each of our events follow, until at last we set Said Ali Ridha / Abib as the drummer in our band.

1. Menjadi Pemenang
2. Bolos Sekolah
3. W.A.R.S.
4. Hadapi Bersama


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