Lhokseumawe, We Do A Party #6 “Nigth Of Distortion”
Party Crew Present.
27 April 2013, Saturday Nigth at FW Cafe Lantai 3 Tepat Samping TMT Ponsel Lhokseumawe.
Ayo datang dan ramaikan, Acara Anak-anak Indie Yang di Gelar Setiap 2 Bulan sekali Oleh Party Crew Aceh, demi menghidupkan Kembali Musik” Indie yang dulu sempat Pensi…

Perform With :
– Sacrifice In Vain
– Message From Helena
– I’m Kidding
– Like My Hero
– Killing Squads Monsters
– Cheese Burger Ranger (Langsa)
– Popcorn The Hell
– Barbie In Monster
– Crazy For Fun
– Out From Lies
– Skeletons (Bireun)
– Lost At Madagascar
– Balon Gas
– Anti Pati
– Pesta Costa
– Have Fun Together
– Bring we The Poison
– Lazy Bear
– Rise Of Remorse
– Shady Brother

Media Patner :
– Party Crew Media
– Miti Musik
– Gigsfreaks
– Indonesia PostHardcore
– Dunia Indie
– Yeah Musik
– I Love Aceh
– Noisecorp Record
– Tortura Music Studio
– FW Cafe

HTM : 5K (Rp.5.000,-)
More Info :
085361151429 (Bima)
Web site :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Party Crew Present


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